Lease Retention: An Easy Way to Grow Your Net Operating Income

Maintaining current tenants is an easy way to increase the net operating income for a building, yet it is often overlooked. This handy tool from StatisFacts shows the dramatic difference that keeping current tenants, instead of finding new ones, can mean for property owners. So how does one go about increasing lease retention? Here a few simply ideas that will go along way: Always respond to current tenants' phone calls, messages and emails before attending to prospective leads. Receiving a timely response to [Read More]

Property Management: Renting Your Home

In case you are the owner of a property that you wish to rent to an interested prospective tenant, you have to decide which would be the best way to make your rental property most appealing to potential renters. Real estate agents support that there are several ways in which this can be done. - There is always the solution of furnishing your rental property. Many landlords decide that this is the best possible way to increase the rental agreement on their property and if they do have furniture in excess, it is [Read More]