Tenant FAQs

Q: How long does the application process take?

A: Once we receive all documentation (meaning the application and income verification) it usually takes about 2-3 business days to complete. Please note we are closed on the weekends.

Q: What kind of qualifications are you looking for?

A: Here at McClure Property Management we like to keep things simple and easy! We DO NOT require a minimum FICO and Bankruptcy’s/ Foreclosures are OK! The basics that we are looking for when applying with us are that you can afford the property and there are no recent evictions on your credit report. Rental history is a plus, but if you are a home-owner that will not count against you.

Q: What do you mean by “afford the property”? Do I have to make 3 or 4 times the rent?

A: We determine if you can afford a rental by a percentage. What we do is take the amount of the rent and divide it by the total gross monthly income. We don’t let the rental amount exceed 45%. EXAMPLE: Rental amount = $1250 Total Household Income per Month = $3500 1250/3500= 0.357 = 36%

Q: What if I don’t have pay stubs? What else can I send to verify my income?

A: You can send your W-2, 1099s, IRA statements, child support documents, Social Security benefit letters, tax returns, a letter from your employer, financial aid award letters, section 8 vouchers, or if all else fails send in the past 3 months worth of bank statements showing deposits.

Q: Can I see the property before filling out the application? What if I don’t like the property?

A: You do need to go through our application process before viewing the property. This is because we are pre-qualifying you for the property. Most of our listings go FAST and in the case that you like the property we like to be prepared so you can sign the lease at the time of viewing (as long as you have the deposit amount in certified funds with you). If for some reason you do not like the property, your application is transferrable to other listings. And in the case you are not interested in any of our current properties, we can hold on to your application for up to 3 months so we can show you any new properties as we get them!

Q: Do I have to submit my information online?

A: We do encourage you to fill out the application online because we have designed a new application system to be faster and more efficient. However, if you are 100% against submitting the information online, we do not want it to be a deal-breaker. You can download our application HERE. Just fill it out and fax it back to 704-831-5301  along with your income verification. Or you can come to our office. We are located at 630 Williamson Road Mooresville, NC 28117.

Q: It has been 2-3 days and I have not been contacted. Does that mean I don’t qualify?

A: NO! Don’t assume that you are not qualified unless we have told you. If for some reason you have not been contacted, feel free to contact us! You can also check your application status at anytime by logging into our website. Just click “Apply Today Its Free!” and provide your email address and password.

What is the total move in cost / down payment?

A: The total move in cost for any of our properties is always the first month’s rent plus the deposit. The deposit will be paid at the time of lease signing and the first month’s rent will be due when you come in to pick up the keys for the property.

Q: Is the rental price for the property I want negotiable? Or can the deposit be broken up into payments?

A: Yes, everything is negotiable! Once we complete your application and you are approved, we will contact the owner on your behalf regarding your request.

Q: I still have questions, what is the best way to get the answer I need?

A: We are sitting in front of a computer for most of the day! Sometimes our phone will ring off hook so the best way to get our attention is via email. For general questions regarding applications, you can email us at info@mcclurepropertymgmt.com

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